About Us

Financial Freedom Champions

Founded in 2022, Oban is a financial platform looking to reinvent the micro-finance market in Africa. We started from the need to focus on education and democratize access to information for a fairer borrower market. As a result, we harnesses the power of marketplaces to empower lenders with choice and financial comparison.

By aggregating information from leading providers in these industries, our platform enables consumers to make informed decisions efficiently. We also help traditional suppliers who start to establish a new online sales channel.

We are headquartered in Boston, but currently we also have offices in Lagos. Our team has have deep backgrounds in contemporary finance in emerging markets.

The Oban Team

Hileamlak Yitayew


Matt Tengtrakool


Ifeoluwa Aigbiniode

Head of Operations

Our Culture

We are a 100% remote company. Our employees live in USA, Nigeria, and South Africa. We have a very flexible journey, each team builds their own schedules to develop projects and have a balance with their personal lives.

We listen to all proposals from our users. We want them to develop professionally and help us to keep innovating. In addition, we are committed to autonomous work, in which everyone can be the owner and leader of their own projects.

We are close, transparent and promoters of a work environment in which we feel happy and respected every day.

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