The Best Ways To Get Out Of Debt For Good

Even though we all would try our best to not get into debt, most individuals must acknowledge that they are in debt or have experienced it at some point in their lives. Credit cards, school loans, personal loans, vehicle loans, overdrafts, mortgages, and other large items in people’s debt portfolios are common.

With so many obligations to pay, it is easy to become overwhelmed, but the great news is that by changing your spending patterns and re-prioritizing your finances, you may learn the best method, get out of debt, and have a sense of peace.

The methods outlined below should help you on your way toward becoming free of debt.

1. Take a bold approach to debt repayment

Establish a mental commitment to pay off your debt as quickly as possible; consider it a “vital” matter – you need it out of your life as soon as possible, and under no conditions should you register for an additional form of borrowing money.

It revolves around improving your mindset, which you can achieve by encircling yourself with individuals and things that will make you inspired and focused even on bad days.

2. Make a list of all that you owe

The most important step is to create a visual depiction of what you owe. This will provide you with a summary of all of your current debt in one book or wherever you made the list. Compile all of your credit card bills, loan statements, overdrafts, and so on, and note down how much you owe for every one of these items, as well as the interest rate linked with them. It is indeed vital to distinguish between positive and negative debt at this time.

3. Create a budget

Living within a budget is the key to remaining at the forefront of your finances and achieving financial success. This is unquestionably essential for accomplishing your financial objectives.

Many people despise the term “budget,” but it will put you in control by allowing you to track your expenditures.

There are numerous excellent tools for setting an automated budget. A basic excel document, on the other hand, will serve. Managing your money is critical and the most effective strategy to get out of debt.

3. Keep your debt list wherever you can view it every day

Nothing compares to a jolt back to reality when you’re about to head out and purchase the newest platform shoes and your debt is staring right at you in the bathroom mirror. Or put it on your phone’s screensaver and see it every moment you have to call someone or respond to a text.

Getting your debts recorded somewhere you can see them daily will help you stay on track. You can also create a financial vision board to assist you to achieve your goal of becoming debt-free.

4. Discard those credit cards

You’ve made your list and posted it somewhere you will see it constantly. time. Why do you still have those credit cards in your bag? There is no need for them.

If you can not face chopping them up, keep them in a trash bag, fill it with water, and freeze it until you have paid off each one, not to be used once more.

5. Begin repaying your debts.

The following and most critical step is to resolve to repay your debt – this is where you can become radical! Take your list and begin paying off your bills using the snowball method.

6. Make an emergency fund.

Many people believe that debt should be cleared off before beginning to save since you might as well use the money you save to settle off your high-interest credit cards, but I don’t agree.

I believe that as you settle your debt, you also should start saving for an emergency fund.

7. Debt consolidation

If you are paying an excessive interest rate, you should try consolidating your debt into a reduced interest loan. If you combine your debt correctly, you can save millions of naira in interest.

8. Reduce your spending

In recent times, wasting money is something you shouldn’t even try to do. The cost of commodities has increased, which means you’d need more money to be able to live your normal lifestyle. One of the main things you need to reduce is impulse buying!

The most effective strategy to get rid of debt is to reduce your expenditure. This stops potential debts from accumulating, and the money saved from impulse purchases can be used to pay your debt off.

9. Live within your means

This basic way of life may be the most effective method to free yourself of debt. Living within your means will enable you to save cash for an emergency fund account and is the best method to get out of debt quickly. Couponing, sticking to your grocery list, buying used instead of new, and avoiding impulsive buying can assist you in living below your means and paying off debt faster.

10. Begin a side business

Increasing your income is an important step toward becoming debt-free. Increasing your income by beginning a side job is the easiest method to pay off debt. Listed below are some side hustle suggestions to help you supplement your income:

  • Reselling, often known as item flipping
  • Creating and Selling Crafts
  • Babysitting
  • Freelance Writing
  • Landscaping
  • House cleaning
  • Photography
  • Selling baked goods

These are merely a few of the numerous side hustles you might start to assist pay off your debt. It is the quickest approach to paying off your debts.

A few Points to Remember

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Note that you now have a plan of action.

Establish a distinction between your needs and wants and prioritize your monetary allocations in your budget accordingly.

Non-essential purchases should be avoided as much as you can as you repay your debts. It is acceptable to pamper yourself (within reason) as you accomplish your repayment targets – it is all about staying motivated.

Remember to save money in your first emergency account, even if it is just a modest amount.


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